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8 Best Stress Reducers for your Remote Workforce

The pandemic is affecting everyone in different ways. For companies with a remote workforce, it can be challenging (and somewhat impossible) to know exactly what your employees are going through.

Here are some helpful ways you can provide support from afar and keep their stress levels at bay:

1. Conduct Zoom Conferences

A little face time with familiar faces can help stave off feelings of isolation. Set up some Zoom meetings between teams to make the day feel less lonely and promote collaboration.

2. Encourage Peer Check-Ins

Outside of scheduled meetings, you can encourage team members to check in on each other to offer help and see how others are faring. It not only provides a pick-me-up but can also help keep communications flowing.

3. Pay for Online Exercise Classes

Exercise is excellent for stress and mental health.

Gyms are closed across the country, but that doesn’t mean exercise is off the schedule. Online subscription services like OpenFit or Beachbody can provide all the training employees need to stay in shape and maintain their mental health. Plus, it can make an excellent addition to your company’s wellness program.

4. Offer Flexible Working Hours

Your employees no longer have a long morning commute, and they’re probably taking advantage of getting a little more sleep than usual. To further their desire to work on their terms, consider allowing flexible working hours for days where they don’t have pressing meetings.

Some of your employees may also be playing the role of homeschool teacher, now that many schools are closed. Take into account they have responsibilities outside of work, and that holding them to the same schedule can create more stress than they can handle.

5. Set Limits on Hours

On a similar note, make sure your employees aren’t working longer hours than they’re used to simply because their work is home with them. Set limits on how many hours they need to work each day so they can still have enough to relax and take care of life.

6. Remind Them to Go Outside

Maintain social distancing outside.

A bit of fresh air offers plenty of health benefits, but remote workers can get so bogged down at their desks they often forget about the world outside. Encourage your employees to go outside every day, even if it’s just for a quick walk.

7. Invest in Professional Development

At a time when many companies are laying off workers, now is a time to show your workforce how valuable they are. Investing in their professional development can help them remain hopeful for the future and give them something else to do to fill their free time at home.

8. Provide Counseling Services

There’s no doubt that working from home, either in isolation or in the constant presence of others, can take a toll on your worker’s mental health. Especially if remote working is new to them, the new limitations on their everyday life can be nothing short of stressful.

Offering online counseling services or providing resources can help them know where to turn for help on their terms.

We’re in this together — let your team know they’re not alone.