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Navigating the 2020 Business-Technology Landscape

In 2020 (and just about every year in the past decade), CIOs are facing new, exciting challenges as digital technology continues to evolve. But with options comes complexity: what are the most important objectives to prioritize?

According to technology consulting firm Gartner, it starts with developing good habits and focusing on your own performance in leadership, culture, and people.

Gartner recently released the top 10 CIO resolutions for 2020 that can help you navigate the challenging landscape of adapting and implementing technology solutions. Here are the top picks that CIOs will want to make their own this year:

Clarify Your Purpose

Forget about job title and role for a moment and focus on your core purpose (and the purpose of those reporting to you). Take it a step further and dial in on the purpose of your organization as a whole. What are you contributing to society? Why should others do business with you? What major problem are you solving or helping to improve?

Companies that have a clearly defined purpose and mission are those that tend to outperform others in every arena. If the company’s purpose doesn’t fit within the digital age or your role isn’t otherwise aligned with the organization, prepare to shift or be left out of the loop.

Boost Your Resource Diversity’s IQ

Tap into student reserves to fill your talent pool.

In a strong economy, talent shortages are inevitable. And though hundreds of thousands of college students are lining up for tech classes, the IT field is still experiencing a significantly small candidate pool.

As the IT field becomes even more competitive, it’s time to start thinking of ways to keep your talent pipeline filled with quality candidates. Consider partnering with a local school or training program where you can invest in the students and potentially gain a solid edge on recruiting.

Move Beyond the Traditional Mentor

Mentoring can be an easy and cost-effective way to pick up new skills, even if you’re working from the top down. But it’s not just about partnering up with someone already on your payroll.

Instead, think outside the box for mentorship opportunities, such as shadowing a university class or spending time working alongside an entry-level employee. This is one of the most direct ways to gain a new perspective on how others perform and view their work in tech, which might lead you to develop much-needed improvements.

Personally Experience New Technologies

Invest time in your own tech immersion.

As a general rule, CIOs stay on the cutting edge of technologies and explore ways that certain solutions may integrate into their organization. But oftentimes, CIOs will rely on pitches or theoretical knowledge rather than immersing themselves in the technology first hand.

Make this the year to step outside of your typical research process and invest time in personal testing. Try not to get caught up in the politics and bureaucracy of corporate responsibilities, but rather demo new tech for yourself and ask questions that will lead to an optimal decision.

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