Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For

What do some of the top companies in the country have in common? A commitment to employees, clarity of mission, and commitment to the communities they serve. Fortune magazine has released its annual list of the 100 best companies to work for.

A look at some of the top companies on the list finds that those that rank highly place a high value on the work and well-being of their employees, who reward their employers with hard work and dedication.

Companies that commit to their employees build a lot of trust and goodwill that in turn leads to greater efficiency and empowerment.

What is it about Fortune’s best companies to work for? Here’s a closer look.

1. Salesforce

Salesforce has committed to creating a rewarding workplace, paying out $5,5 million in employee referrals, giving workers 56 hours of paid time off to volunteer in the community, providing mindfulness rooms, and encouraging employee philanthropy.

2. Wegmans Food Markets

It says something when a grocery store chain’s employees remain fiercely loyal, describing their work as having a “sense of purpose” and earning a reputation for exceptional customer service. Wegmans spends $50 million on employee development and gave $5 million in scholarships last year.

Salesforce gives its employees 56 hours a year to do community service.

3. Ultimate Software

The publicly traded HR software firm pays all medical and dental costs, matches all employee 401(k) contributions at 40 percent, and includes reward trips to exotic locales.

4. Boston Consulting Group

BCG is a global entity that has spent $100 million to ensure that work schedules are balanced in an always-on world. Even junior staffers have access to senior leadership in a company that values work-life balance.

5. Edward Jones

The financial advisory company recognizes the long hours employees spend at work, offering a balance via free breakfasts, overnight family retreats, and community outreach opportunities.

6. Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

Want to bring your pet to work. This boutique hotel and restaurant group might be right for you. Employees applaud the emphasis on diverse work groups that help foster a culture of inclusion and acceptance.

7. Workday

There’s unlimited time off and on-site perks such as manicures, car washes, and bike repair. There’s backup child care offered at a discount, too.

8. Genentech

This subsidiary of Swiss drug company Roche is diverse – 41 percent of its workers are from underrepresented populations. Women comprise 46 percent of the frontline managerial staff. Employees also believe deeply in the company’s mission to develop life-changing pharmaceuticals.

9. Hyatt

The large hotel chain has invested in business leadership development. Its senior leadership teams use both digital tools and in-person opportunities to address company principles such as authenticity, transparency, and vulnerability. Perks here recognize different needs, such as a policy that honors the original hiring date for employees who return to the company. Housekeepers can leave early if they’ve finished their rooms, or clean other rooms to earn extra money.

10. Kimley-Horn

This design consultancy offers a 2:1 match on 401(k) contributions, full health care coverage, and profit sharing. Employees are encouraged to identify their own niche and create “mini-practices” within the company.

For those companies that focus business strategy on serving their employees’ needs, the results are evident – more loyalty, affinity, and dedication.

Wegmans employees are fiercely loyal to the grocery chain, which invests millions in employee development and scholarships.

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