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The iPhone X Is Popular. Really Popular.

Can anything stop the iPhone? It seems unlikely if reports in the technology news in the days following the release of the latest model – the iPhone X – are on target.

Despite a $1,000 price tag, Apple loyalists have done just what they’ve done for a decade. They’ve stood in long lines, filled blogs and message boards with anticipatory excitement, and opened their wallets, all for a chance to be among the first for the new model.

One of my friends from Singapore was one of the first in line and was loving his iPhone X until disaster struck. Yes, it seems that even Apple’s biggest fans aren’t immune to experiencing a cracked screen. It’s a shame screen repairs can be so expensive! With this being said, some services mean that they can fix iphone screen in 20 mins, so it means that people won’t be without their phone for too long, especially as we know that the majority of people use their phones daily.

If you’re thinking about buying a new phone, it’s really important that you dont scratch your new iPhone x get a case. The new iPhone X’s can scratch really easily so you’ll definitely want to buy a good quality case to avoid this happening!!

Ultimately, there’s no doubt the iPhone X is popular, really popular. The real question, according to some critics, is why.

iPhone X Features…

Here are the features that are garnering positive buzz:

  • Apple design. Steve Jobs built Apple’s reputation by focusing a business strategy not only on great technology that innovates and changes the way people live. He also emphasized the importance of great design that focused deeply on the user experience. The iPhone X is no exception, with a beautiful touchscreen and sleek functionality,
  • Great display. The new model has a 5.8-inch screen display that can show 16 million colors.
  • Wireless charging. Wireless charging is here, with a platform that does away with those cables. However, if you want to use cables, it charges fast (the company claims it gets to 50 percent in 30 minutes).
  • Tap is work. When you want to check the phone, a simple tap to the screen gets you there (though Android phones have had this functionality for a while).

iPhone X Flaws…

Yet the phone has some flaws:

  • FaceID is not there yet. There’s no home button on the iPhone X. Instead, your phone recognizes your face, or at least it’s supposed to. Too much hair in your face or a partially blocked image creates problems.
  • Poor battery life. While the phone may charge fast, its battery is smaller than that of the iPhone 7 Plus released last year and does not feature better battery life.
  • Sensitive features. The multiple cameras take great pictures but still need some work. The same goes for an overly sensitive Apple Pay function that may create surprises.

The new iPhone X adds dynamic authentication and functionality … at a price.

So why is the iPhone X so popular with new features that seem … fine … but not breathtaking?

Because it’s Apple…

The company has created incredible brand loyalty among its users. Loyalists are tied not only to the brand, but also the familiarity that comes from using the same basic operating system and integration of features like iTunes, which contains songs, movies, and other information that most users want to access.

There’s also the convenience factor. Many users just don’t want to deal with apps, content, and access that is built into each successive iPhone launch.

There’s also status. For many people, having a four-figure phone may be a bragging point of pride. Having the newest and, ostensibly, the best, smartphone out there has some cachet among some people. There has been an undeniable cool factor to owning the latest and greatest Apple product, whether it was the Mac, the iPod, or the iPhone, for decades.

Apple will not release sales figures but others project that 25-27 million units will be produced this holiday season, leading to healthy sales throughout 2018.