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Introducing the Fortune Future 50

The Fortune Future 50 is a new ranking of companies best positioned for breakout growth.

The index was produced in partnership with the Boston Consulting Group and is divided into two lists: the 25 Leaders (companies with a market value above $20 billion) and the 25 Challengers (those below $20 billion when the ranking was done).

Top 5 Leaders:

The are corporations with massive market values that have the potential and capacity to keep growing at a rapid pace despite their scale.

1. Salesforce
2. Tesla
3. Facebook
4. Netflix
5. Intuitive Surgical

Top 5 Challengers:

These are companies that haven’t yet reached the top tier of market value, but are on the growth fast-track.

1. Veeva Systems
2. Workday
3. GrubHub
4. FireEye
5. Zillow Group

See the full list of 50 here.

Martin Reeves from BCG explains why they created the list:

Today, most business decisions are still informed using backward-looking financial metrics, with the implicit assumption that past success is predictive of future success. But the high rate of change and uncertainty driven by technology, business model innovation, and other factors make this assumption increasingly untenable and demand new metrics and approaches. We believe the Fortune Future index, based on the idea of vitality, can help fill this gap.

The result of a two-year research effort, the Future 50 ranks U.S.-listed companies with the best prospects for growth. The index has two pillars: 1) a market view of growth potential and 2) an assessment of the firm’s actual capacity to deliver that growth, based on four dimensions: strategy, technology and investments, people, and structure (click here for more on methodology). The result is a composite score that represents both a new metric and new perspective for business analysis.