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The Best Ideas Are Powered by Digital Technology

You’ve finally got it: a surefire successful business idea with a proven market and a solid business model. You’re on your way to success. But wait … that isn’t all there is to business these days. As explained in an article at Forbes, technology in business plays the lead role in the drama that produces business success or — the alternative.

Digital Technology Brings a Larger Audience for Your Messages

A lot of small businesses make the mistake of believing that digital marketing isn’t for local businesses. This is simply untrue. About 40 percent of all Google searches are for local businesses and items. In fact, local searches actually result in higher purchases than non-local searches, making digital marketing essential to a business. Some businesses think that digital marketing is too expensive, but with the help of sites like, it can be an affordable venture for any type of company. Whether you’re a corner store on Main Street or a major worldwide retailer, digital marketing is essential to your business’ success and longevity. Marketing your small business on a local level is not to be overlooked as this is how you build your business to dominate the competition in a given area; for example, small businesses in London may choose to pursue SEO as a method of boosting their online presence in their immediate community.

Digital Technology Delivers a Larger pool of Investors & Partners

Through innovations like crowdsourcing and social networking, technology in business has delivered the small startup a much larger pool from which to glean investors, partners, and more. Digital technology connects people of all specialties, backgrounds, skill levels, educational pedigrees, income levels, and more. Whether you’re looking to refine your ideas or find investors for an upcoming expansion or project, crowdsourcing and social networks are there to deliver successful business ideas continually.

Digital Technology Enables Easier Communication & Collaboration

Technology in business has produced cheaper, more efficient ways of doing business. The Huffington Post article, How Small Businesses Can Save Money With Technology, provides information on how technology can result in cost savings. For example, with UC&C (Unified Communications and Collaboration) services, you can have a business phone that goes with you anywhere, as well as voice mail, messaging services, video conferencing services, and more — all mobile and for far less than purchasing these services together via traditional outlets (aka the phone and cable companies). Additionally, it is now possible to operate a small business in a completely paperless way, which is not only less expensive and more efficient, it’s also much friendlier to the environment. And, for those who may not be the most used to fully digital systems, plenty of software is designed for user use in setup and customization as possible. Options like claim to be able to be set up over a lunch break, for example.

Successful business ideas aren’t limited to innovation in terms of the products you offer. It also includes finding ways to use technology in business to lower costs, improve productivity, and leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Digital Technology Provides Easy Access to Affordable IT Products & Services

Though technology in business can offer the startup a tremendous advantage, it is not necessary to hire and maintain an IT department. Most IT products and services you need to leverage these digital technologies are readily available in the cloud. With IT managed services, you can get access to almost limitless data storage and processing capabilities, empower your mobile users to visit your website and interact with your business online, and much more. Whether you want to establish a customer portal or conduct data analytics on your customer data, or simply get affordable offsite backups for your onsite computers and systems, it’s all right there in the cloud for a low monthly fee.

There’s never been a better time to come up with successful business ideas, because most anything you can dream up, with the right technology, you can serve it up.