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5 Trends to Watch In Business Today

Today’s business environment is more competitive than ever before. With technology, competition, and a global economy driving innovation, the pressures to succeed … and the measures of that success, grow more challenging every day. Things like ranking in the top three places of Google is one of the toughest things that businesses can do, but it’s so important. It means that your business will be seen and that you will get more customers that way. But this is not an easy thing, which is why so many businesses will get help from sites like in order to achieve this ranking. This is only one of the challenges that businesses face, but there are a lot more than you would expect!

Despite these challenges, businesses do, in fact, succeed. Below is a look at some of the common traits held by great businesses and the people who run them.

1) Invest in employees, wherever they are
Companies that succeed pay more than lip service to their employees. This commitment means providing robust onboarding and training programs that get employees up to speed quickly. Good companies also create robust leadership development programs and continuing education programs that ensure future leaders are identified and groomed for future roles.

As the workforce shifts, companies that work well are recognizing the critical role of telecommuting, virtual and contract employees. As these employee sectors grow, companies are providing more tools, mentoring and engagement possibilities, regardless of location or physical presence.

2) Services gain value
Today’s consumers are still interested in quality, durable and useful products. But as the profit margins for these commodities get smaller, companies are radically shifting business models. In addition to the products, strong companies recognize the importance of offering exceptional services as well. Think about Amazon. Not only does it offer thousands of goods, it has perfected a delivery model that ensures orders are delivered quickly, communication and tracking are effective and issues are resolved through multiple channels.

3) Customer service matters
Smart executives realize that as the demand for services grows across devices and channels, the need for powerful customer service needs to grow to match it. Great customer service, whether there’s a problem or not, leads to stickier customer retention and positive word of mouth. Similarly, poor customer service is an easy way to lose customers fast.

4) Growing need for marketing
Whether you’re a company or a professional, the demand for creating brand has never been more critical. The growth of content marketing – blogs, search engine optimization, active social media – hinges on providing customers with valuable information in the moment of need. If done well, customers engage with, learn from, and equate a brand with value. The more customers that engage with your brand, the higher your ranking will be in the search engines, which will allow for even more people to find out more about your brand. Businesses looking to grow their presence on search engines in China may want to take on board advice specific to website optimization for the baidu search engine – this can help to ensure that their websites don’t get left at the back of the pack and fade into obscurity online. These awesome SEO case studies may be enough to persuade many business owners from around the world to consider improving their search engine optimization to allow their brand to grow even more. How do you do that? Well, you could speak to this Boston SEO agency for starters. They are an award winning digital marketing agency who come highly recommended. But do your own research and find an agency that suits your company, because marketing is vital for success.

For individuals, the need for marketing, particularly in hyper-competitive job markets, means selling one’s self far beyond the basic resume and cover letter. LinkedIn profiles, social media posts, blog mentions and contributions and message board comments are rich fodder for establishing personal brands that boost one’s value when seeking employment.

5) Growing resilience
Some experts refer to resilience as building your willpower muscle. Individuals and organizations need to establish tougher resiliencies, along with nimble shifting, to respond to rapidly and ever-changing market forces. Technology, in particular, can turn industries on a dime. Old (or not so old) paradigms can become obsolete. People and companies that weather these storms, and see them as opportunities to change, are far better positioned for success.

Businesses and business leaders can benefit from insights into finance, technology, innovation, planning, and investing as they work to drive success.