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Podcast: New Research on Emerging Virtual Reality Market

Stephanie Llamas, Director of Research and Consumer Insights and Head of VR+AR strategy at SuperData

So many of the new technologies start the same way – publishers and developers, advertisers and hardware makers trying to figure out who leads? From streaming video to cloud storage and beyond, finding ways for key players to work together can often mean the difference of success or failure for an entire industry.

It’s no different for virtual reality.

According to SuperData Research, a leading provider of games and interactive media intelligence, VR should become a $30.5 billion in the next 5 years. But getting there is far from guaranteed and anything but simple.

What will it take? For one, SuperData is putting together what they call a VR Data Network, to provide “major virtual reality companies the ability to collaborate on insights projects and sizing efforts to verify the scope and trajectory of the market.”

This will mean data on unit sales, software, performance, as well as consumer sentiment and behaviors.

How will it work? Why is the time right now? And what lessons can the VR market learn from technologies that came before it?

Those were just some of I discussed with Stephanie Llamas is Director of Research and Consumer Insights and Head of VR+AR strategy at SuperData.

This conversation is part of the StartApp Conversation series covering mobile and social data intelligence, and can be found here.