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Podcast: How Business Should Use Big Data — User Experience v. Revenue

Dr. Niraj Dawar, Ivey Business School

Dr. Niraj Dawar, Ivey Business School

It often feels like the continual trade off for any consumer product – the balance between maximizing customer experience vs. driving product revenue.

We’re often told they’re they same: Optimize your customer experience and the revenue will follow. But is that truly the case? Getting that balance right becomes even trickier, of course, when you consider the continual maturing and benefits of Big Data.

Dr. Niraj Dawar is a professor in marketing at the Ivey Business School in Ontario, Canada. He has held posts literally around the world – France, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Michigan. He is author of the book “TILT: Shifting your Strategy from Products to Customers,” as well as the recent Harvard Business Review article: “Use Big Data to Create Value for Customers, Not Just Target Them.”

This conversation is part of the StartApp Conversation series covering mobile and social data intelligence, and can be found here.