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Podcast: Corporate Boards Need Investor Relations Expertise

Listen to Working Capital Conversations: Leading thinkers, practitioners and experts discuss the ideas that drive global business. This Conversation digs deeper into our recent piece looking at corporate boards and investor relations.

Robert D. Ferris

Robert D. Ferris

It’s no secret that corporate boards have increasingly come under increased scrutiny. And for good reason. From corporate scandal to CEO compensation, from cyber security to risk, investors and the general public want to know who’s in charge – and who’s keeping an eye on management.

And with this scrutiny, the makeup of corporate boards is slowly shifting, too – away from clubby groups and towards a collection of experts — finance, human resources, law, and more.

But what about Investor Relations? As new board level issues emerge from seemingly endless directions – and as investors demand more answer more quickly – should boards more strongly consider adding the IR perspective?

Robert D. Ferris certainly argues they should.

Ferris is an investor relations and crisis counselor expert, with more than four decades of experience with both domestic and foreign issuers. He’s also a former chairman of National Investor Relations Institute’s Senior Roundtable.