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How to be a Visionary Leader

You want to lead with passion, insights, and energy that inspire those around you, whether they are employees, suppliers or investors. You want to set a path that others will gladly follow you down as you create your own business.

But how?

Some would argue that visionary leadership is innate, that it cannot be taught. It’s either a part of a person’s DNA or it’s not.

Yet there are a number of traits and behaviors common in many great visionary leaders. These are skills that some may have more natural inclination towards, but all can be practiced and refined.

Starting your own business and leadership
To start your own business takes vision right from the start. Your business idea grows and blossoms as you follow your passion. You have shown the courage and risk it takes to take a leap of faith and work to turn your business idea into a reality.

As explained at, when you think about visionary leadership, it’s important to remember the traits and strengths that got you to where you are today. The next step is to expand your skill set by incorporating some of the following important tools.

A visionary leader is clear in her communication, speaking with passion and efficacy in delivering key points with the right context and intonation to be heard and listened to. But visionary leaders also recognize that communication is a two-way street. They listen as attentively as they can, actively demonstrating that the person with whom they are speaking is heard and that the conversation is valued.

A visionary leader is persistent and knows how to bounce back from setbacks he may encounter. Visionaries remain steadfast in their pursuit of the goal, but also learn from previous roadblocks and adjust the course as necessary. They remain committed and help others do the same.

A visionary leader has a certainty of belief in herself and her ideas. She is willing to lay it on the line when needed. Often visionary leaders are dissatisfied with the status quo, act as change agents, and embrace a lack of convention to get to the desired state.

Leaders have a certain sparkle in their eye and spring in their step. They become forces of nature whose charm, persuasion, and engaging personality invites others to follow in their footsteps.

Visionary leaders can see what the organization needs structurally to take the next step forward, create dynamic teams with complementary players whose skills help get closer to the goal. They create a solid foundation of other leaders and let those leaders do their own jobs effectively. A visionary leader brings in new hires to fill gaps in her own skill set.

When a visionary leader gets to the edge of a cliff, he doesn’t take the leap blindly. He has studied the possibilities and weighed the outcomes. He will leap, but the decision to do so will be well informed by sound data and analysis.

Joyful gratitude
A visionary leader displays joy at successes others in the organization achieve, not taking the credit but instead recognizing the roles everyone plays in achieving success.

Starting your own business has an incredible number of challenges and rewards.