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Making Your Open Plan Office Space Work for Introverts

Not everyone in the office is necessarily an outgoing, socially-gifted individual who has little problem being in constant communication with others in the office. Society in general is highly diversified with a wide range of different types of people, and the workplace is no different.

 Introverts typically hate open office floor plans, but simple tweaks can help make them feel more comfortable.

Introverts typically hate open office floor plans, but simple tweaks can help make them feel more comfortable.

In addition to the sociable type, there are likely introverts who also occupy just as much real estate in the office as anyone else. It’s these people who might not exactly be as comfortable taking part in brainstorming meetings or group efforts as the extrovert type. And it can be especially unsettling for introverts to have to work in an open office floor plan when all they’d rather do is keep to their private selves.

Lots of employers opt for open floor office spaces in order to boost collaboration among employees. And while such an endeavor can work, it can often be incredibly intimidating and distressing for the shy, quieter type, and the discomfort can lead to decreased productivity or even to dissatisfaction with their job.

As such, it’s important for those in supervising positions to ensure that the introverts of the office are made to feel as comfortable as possible in an open-office workplace.

Luckily, there are plenty of creative and effective ways to help do just that.

Designate a Quiet, Private Room For Those Who Need a Quick Escape

Even the most outgoing person needs some tranquillity every now and then to gather their thoughts and quiet their minds. While there may not exactly be any place to do that in an open office where everyone is seen and heard, that doesn’t mean a specific area can’t be sectioned off to act as the designated spot for those who need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the office for a short time.

Interruptions, conversations, and noise in general, are obvious issues in an open office. While some people are totally comfortable and completely capable of blocking out the white noise while still getting their tasks done, others might not find it so simple. That’s why it’s important to give employees the option to sneak out for a little while to conduct quiet work, or just to sit in silence for a few minutes and reboot.

Sometimes it is important to have a bit of quiet time whilst at the office, as too much noise could be distracting and overwhelming for anyone, but especially for introverts. Because of the repercussions that a noisy office can have on work productivity, some offices may decide to check out somewhere like who can provide your space with some acoustic panels that can help give you the right amount of noise control whilst in your work environment. Introverts could benefit from this type of office addition.

Have the Boss Sit at a Desk in the Open, Too

It’s typical for executives and managers to sit in their own offices enclosed behind walls and a door. But not everyone is bold enough to knock on the boss’s door to ask a question or report a problem. In fact, introverts may find it incredibly intimidating to physically get themselves up off their chairs, march over to their employer’s office, and work up the courage to knock.

Instead, if the boss sits among the employees in an open office, it can be a lot easier and less frightening to flag them down or stop them as they’re walking past.

Supervisors may even choose to split their time between a private office and an open-aired desk space. That way, they still have their area to conduct private business, while being able to understand what it’s like to work with the front-liners and be more available for communication and collaboration with their staff.

Set Up Different Areas For Collaborative Work – in the Right Spots

An open office floor plan isn’t always appropriate for specific tasks, such as private meetings where financials are discussed or group collaborations take place to brainstorm ideas. Such tasks would be nothing but distracting to employees who are sitting close by.

For this reason, it would be helpful to have specific specialized areas set up in proper areas far enough away from employee desks so as not to be a disruption. And providing private rooms for phone calls and private workstations can be the perfect retreat for those who are less inclined to carry out such tasks in front of everyone.

It can also be useful to change up the pace by scheduling standing meetings, where employees are forced to move around and be a bit more active than they are in a conference room.

Embrace Technology When it Comes to Communication and Collaboration

Technology is an introvert’s best friend, as it offers a much more comfortable environment for them to communicate with their colleagues and supervisors. Some businesses have started using something like least privilege manager to help them have a safe working environment online, so people feel comfortable going to work, while others have decided that cloud computing is the best approach to communication. Cloud computing, in particular, has provided the opportunity for employees to access a variety of platforms to communicate and collaborate with one another in a more productive environment.

Those who aren’t comfortable sharing their ideas publicly and in person aren’t always being given the opportunity to be as innovative to their company as they can be. However, digital platforms can allow them the freedom to express their ideas behind the screen of their laptop or mobile device, giving them the ability to innovate from a place they feel most comfortable in. Rather than forcing all employees to constantly collaborate in person, allow introverts the freedom to do so on terms that work best for them. Because of this, many businesses have started employing people to work at home as this eliminates the need for them to invest money in buying an office unit for their employees. This will save the business lots of money and may save them from having to organise a merchant advance. If you are wondering, what is a merchant cash advance? You should check out Delancey street if you need merchant cash advance with poor credit!

Keeping reclusive workers in mind when planning out an open office space can help to dramatically cut back on the typical stresses that these types of people feel on a regular basis. The goal is to make everyone in the office be as happy and comfortable as possible, and provide a workplace that’s conducive to collaboration and innovation. Implementing the above ideas into the office can effectively slash the typical issues that are dealt with in an open plan office.