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Solutions to Problems Are Always Successful Business Ideas

The greatest business ideas are those that solve your customers' problems.

The greatest business ideas are those that solve your customers’ problems.

If you want to be successful in business, you don’t necessarily have to have a myriad of half-decent ideas that customers look for to solve trivial problems in life.

What you should be focusing on instead is just a handful of killer ideas that can really blaze a trail to success in your niche. So whether this means checking out this Local Viking Review, for example, in the hopes of finding a way to reach more clients, use social media to build a brand or creating videos to show the products/services your company has to offer, there are many unique ways to make a business a success. A few amazing ideas can be a lot more profitable than hundreds of mediocre ones.

And don’t assume that you’ve got to have a Harvard degree or need to spend hundreds of hours meditating in order to experience a breakthrough. Oftentimes brilliant ideas come when you’ve allowed your mind to be free and open to unconventional ideas that might not necessarily catch your attention otherwise.

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Think Outside the Box When Coming Up With Ideas That Customers Will Flock to

Your business isn’t going to get very far if all it’s doing is offering the exact same product or service as the next guy, just wrapped up in a different package. The trick is to be unique and to offer customers products and services that they can only get from you.

Coming up with an awesome idea might take a little imagination and creativity, but it also takes some courage to step away from the norm and venture into uncharted territories. Navigating these untapped waters just might result in an excellent business idea that you could realistically and successfully market to the public. And if your idea is a solution to a common problem that your customers face, it could potentially be a real gold mine for your business.

Does Your Idea Solve a Pressing Problem?

The key here is that whatever business idea you come up with, it’s got to be seen by your customers as a means of making specific problems disappear. Whether they’re looking for a faster way to get dinner prepared after work or a more convenient way to collect on unpaid invoices from their own customers, your business idea needs to tackle these issues head-on and provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for them.

People may buy a product or service from a business, but why exactly are they doing it?

Simply put, they’re searching for a solution to their problem. And if you want to deliver high value to your clients, the first thing on the agenda is to solve their problems.

Regardless of whether your customers are dealing with pressing issues that need to be dealt with today, or issues they’ll face in the near future as their needs evolve, the problems will need to be rectified at some point.

The key to solving your customers’ problems is to pinpoint exactly what these issues are. The problem needs to be clearly identified from the point of view of the customer. There needs to be real value in solving this problem in the eyes of the customer.

Solutions Marketing – Show People How Your Business Can Help Solve Their Problems

Once you’ve developed a real solution that will fix the issues that your customers are facing, it’s time to market it effectively. That’s where solutions marketing comes into play.

Solutions marketing effectively advertises your product or service as one that directly solves your customers' issues.

Solutions marketing effectively advertises your product or service as one that directly solves your customers’ issues.

Solutions marketing should essentially be an extension of your brand. And the marketers behind it not only need to be knowledgeable about the product itself but also be well-versed in the operational success of the use of the product.

Think about how a solution can evolve into a product, or, how a product may evolve into a solution. It’s up to your business to connect these dots. You might have an innovative accounts receivable software, for instance, and your customers might have a real problem collecting overdue payments from their clients. How will your software help solve your customers’ problems? Solutions Marketing is precisely what will bridge the two ends and clearly spell this out for them.

Essentially, solutions marketing speaks directly to a problem and aligns products specifically designed to alleviate that problem. It highlights customer success stories that showcase how a business’s product or service is capable of solving the issues at hand.

At the very crux of solutions, marketing is putting oneself in the shoes of the paying customer. What exactly is the problem they are trying to solve, and why is it so important to do so? What exactly is the specific point of view of the customer with the issue, and what level of value do they expect from the products or services that a business has to offer?

When generating ideas for products or services, focus on those that customers absolutely cannot live without rather than those that would just be nice to have. To capture the attention of your customers, it’s critical to focus on needs rather than wants. The latter will do little to make you stand out from your competition.

By identifying a critical issue that you can effectively solve and market to your customers, you can more effectively and successfully generate a business that matters to the public.

Do something different. Solve a pressing problem. And once you have, market it as a problem-solver rather than just another product.