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How to Beat Anxiety During Presentations

According to The Washington Post, over 25% of Americans report a fear of public speaking. Even for experienced presenters, standing in front of an audience can bring on a wave of anxiety. For some, the anxiety is so extreme that they may seek medical help. Many naturopathic experts agree that CBD helps alleviate anxiety.

Joseph Grenny, a leading social scientist, recounts that even after giving thousands of presentations on business performance, he still experienced stress. In recent years those who experience anxiety of any kind may look to external help and support for their needs. Many would choose to self medicate, with essential oils, teas, and in some cases with CBD products. Those who decide to research these products may find that anxiety and CBD are often paired together as CBD has been proven to be effective when dealing with stress and anxiety.

Grenny shared in the Harvard Business Review the root of his anxiety. “I discovered that much of my stress was more about my motive than the event. I would fret and stew more about what I imagined people would think of me than whether I would effectively serve them,” says Grenny. By focusing on something out of his control (other people’s perceptions), he brought up rather than diffused fears.

Based on his professional experience, Joseph Grenny suggests that presenters tackle their fears by getting at the heart of their stress. Did you have negative experiences that created longstanding tension around presentations? Are you worried about how people view you rather than your what you’re offering?

A recent infographic from Stanford Graduate School of Business also dives into stress management techniques, providing three distinct paths based on the source of your anxiety: the situation, the audience, or the goal you would like to achieve. Check out their stress-management suggestions before you tackle your next presentation.