Conversation on Business Education with Craig Clawson and Michael Zeliff, Jack Welch Management Institute

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 11.01.24 PMThis Working Capital Conversation is sponsored by the Jack Welch Management Institute, a leading online MBA program designed to provide students and organizations with the proven methodologies, immediately actionable practices, and respected credentials needed to win in the most demanding global business environments.

The promise of online education is clear: The highest standards, deepest standards, and immediately actionable information – all with the convenience and power of digital connection and global reach.

Done right, these education platforms have the potential not only to transform how people learn, but perhaps more importantly who can learn. The democratization of access and information stands as one of the most powerful opportunities of the Internet Age.

But executing these goals – at the MBA and executive MBA levels – is obviously easier said than done. To turn vision to reality means delivering flawlessly in two key areas: Curriculum and faculty.

How does that get done?

Two people who know first hand are Craig Clawson and Michael Zeliff. Clawson earned his MBA and Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. He has held senior roles with Duke Corporate Education and the Corporate Executive Board. Today he is Dean Of Curriculum at the Jack Welch Management Institute. Zeliff holds a PH.D in Marketing from the George Washington University. He has served as Chief Strategy officer at JWT Inside and Chief Marketing Officer for the United States Marine Corps, among other roles. He is Dean Of Faculty at the Jack Welch Management Institute.

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