Conversation with Dean Sippel: CEO, Jack Welch Management Institute

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The road to business success is obviously a challenging one — indeed, there’s no proven straight path. Or if you have one, please let us know.

But one path many try to take is to learn from the masters — the successful leaders, entrepreneurs or managers that came before us. If we’re lucky, we find such a mentor in our own company. But what if you can’t? Or, better, what if you could learn from one of the true masters of the craft — former GE Chairman and CEO Jack Welch?

Odds are, you don’t have his number. But one place that does is the Jack Welch Management Institute. Instead of a traditional MBA, this successful organization delivers qualified participants an online MBA. And while Welch serves as Executive Chairman, they deliver access to other CEOs and instructors and successful business leaders as well. How does it work? Why is this different than a traditional MBA? And does getting admitted also provide you with Welch’s phone number?

Dean Sippel is Chief Executive Officer of the Jack Welch Management Institute.