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5 Warning Signs You Need a New Job

According to The Economist, 25% of LinkedIn members are active job seekers, while 60% are passive job seekers – people who are not proactively searching for a new job, but seriously willing to consider opportunities.

But it’s often very hard to leave a job, “no matter how uninspiring or monotonous it may be,” the Harvard Business Review reports.

“The inability to make a decision is in itself anxiety-provoking, because it increases uncertainty about the future. In addition, most people, even millennials, value long-term job stability, not just in themselves but also in others.”

Here are five critical signs, based on psychological research, that you would probably benefit from a career switch:

1. You are not learning: “Studies have shown that the happiest progression to late adulthood and old age involves work that stimulates the mind into continuous learning.”

2. You are underperforming: “If you are stagnated, cruising in autopilot, and could do your job while asleep, then you’re almost certainly underperforming. Sooner or later, this will harm your resume and employability.”

3. You feel undervalued:Even when employees are happy with their pay and promotion prospects, they will not enjoy their work unless they feel appreciated, especially by their managers.”

4. You are just doing it for the money. “Although people tend to put up with unrewarding jobs mostly for financial reasons, staying on a job just for the money is unrewarding at best, and demotivating at worst.”

5. You hate your boss: “As the saying goes, people join companies but they quit their bosses… In our research, we find that 75% of working adults find that the most stressful part of their job is their immediate supervisor or direct line manager.”