How Fitness Plays a Key Role in Employee Productivity

A new study by the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO) concludes that “more than 90 percent of surveyed business leaders said health has a very significant or significant influence on productivity and performance.”

According to the full report, key findings include:

  • “Most leaders view productivity and performance as related but different concepts that contribute equally to meeting organizational business objectives.”
  • “Survey results confirm that business leaders recognize health as a significant contributor to productivity and performance and that health is more likely to be viewed as an investment in human capital than it is a health care cost containment strategy.”
  • “Most business leaders indicate their organization’s leaders are committed to improving the health of their workforce, but middle managers are less likely to recognize this commitment than more senior business leaders.”

health on productivity and performance

Said Jessica Grossmeier, vice president of research, HERO: “For several years now, we have seen companies of all sizes increasing their investment in employee health through workplace health management programs. While this movement is most commonly connected to a desire to control health care costs, our interactions with employers led us to believe that there was more at play here and that employers were realizing greater, long-term value from good employee health. This survey opens the door to a dialog with business leaders that could influence the future of workplace wellness.”

An important potential outcome from the research is helping leaders see new ways to value workplace wellness plans. As the report states: “Many times senior business leaders turn to workforce health initiatives in an effort to control health care costs. While there is research evidence to support this positioning, there is also evidence supporting a broader value proposition such as increased productivity and performance, higher engagement and morale, and lower turnover rates.”

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business priorities influenced by health

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