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Your Voice Can Boost Your Business

steve-jobs“Scientists are tuning in on the power of the spoken word, seeking the secrets of charisma, the Wall Street Journal reports.

“By analyzing the harmonics of pitch, frequency and timbre, researchers at University of California, Los Angeles are discovering how charismatic public speakers use their voices to dominate, rouse and influence a large audience… In a separate analysis of some prominent business leaders, the researchers also found charismatic patterns in the public speeches of Apple Inc. Chief Executive Tim Cook and the late Steve Jobs.”

“For speech experts, the voice is an instrument of rare persuasive power, tuned by evolution and culture to communicate far more than words alone convey. Some people are just born with the charismatic qualities that dominate or inspire trust, but voice researchers are confident that at least some of these acoustic elements can be taught.”

Very interesting: “CEOs with lower-pitched voices typically manage larger firms, make more money and last longer on the job than higher-pitched peers, studies at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business have found… These nonverbal signals can occasionally reveal more than intended. By analyzing speech samples of CEOs recorded during corporate earnings calls with investment analysts, Dr. Mayew identified involuntary vocal cues that signal the likelihood of financial misreporting.”

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