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Real Estate Investing Boom Goes Global

While signs of hope for a U.S. housing market recovery begin to appear, another area for real estate investing is making headlines. This makes this period optimum time to buy and hold real estate investing! It’ll give you the right moment to sell-up or rent out to make some instant cash!

ETF Trends reports that “Guggenheim Investments, the seventh-largest U.S. issuer of exchange-traded funds, launched the Guggenheim Emerging Markets Real Estate ETF (on September 29), the first ETF dedicated solely to real estate assets in developing economies.”

Of course, one location that always attracts focus is China. Forbes interviewed Zhang Xin, the billionaire CEO of the country’s largest prime commercial developer Soho China, who says global liquidity will benefit the real estate investing market there: “You still have money that is chasing after prime office, buildings and locations in Beijing and in Shanghai. You’re not seeing that asset going down. That is one side of the story.” If you’re interested in more local real estate, check out Castle Rock homes for some amazing properties!

“At the same time, you’re seeing a lot of reporting in the media about residential development in especially in second-, third- and fourth-tier cities. Prices are going down. Developers are slicing prices. That is also true. You have a few factors that are contributing to the downward pressure. One is the slowing down of the economy. The anti-corruption (campaign) pushes a lot of corrupt officials to sell their properties. The third is the soon-to-be-introduced property tax. Those are the downward pressures. That is not stopping. That will continue.”

Particular locations in Europe may also draw investor attention. The Denver Post highlights one investor: Marcel Arsenault. He is CEO of the CEO of Real Capital Solutions, which projects “a few more good years for real estate, and is responding by growing and broadening his $1.6 billion portfolios.” One of their targets: Spain, among many other countries and cities. New real estate construction is popping up all over developing cities such as this list of gated compounds in Cairo that’s just been finished as an example, real estate investors would be savvy to get in on new developments such as these to further develop “lesser developed countries”.

Spanish real estate is booming. Thousands of people are choosing to relocate to Spain or purchases a holiday home there. Those keen on Spain are using sites like ( to find potential homes that they can move into. It’s no surprise when the country is filled with scenic views, great weather, and friendly communities. Not to mention, it’s much more affordable to live comfortably in Spain with the cost of living much cheaper compared to the U.S.