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Global CEOs See Sustainability as Core to Success

PwC’s 17th annual Global CEO Survey finds that CEOs around the world are starting to recognize that sustainability matters.

“Sustainability is core to business success. It’s not about how you spend the money you make, but how you make it. Resource scarcity and climate change, urbanization and demographic changes consistently feature in the top three megatrends set to transform business, according to CEOs – hopefully in a positive way. Coupled with increasing CEO confidence in the global economy, will these opportunities translate not only into growth opportunities, but also sustainable business and good growth?”

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“There are a growing number of companies who are embedding sustainability into their business models, seeing it as important not just to differentiate themselves or as a competitive advantage, but also as a way to achieve good growth. But it’s surprising to see that so few see it this way.”

“Often companies approach sustainability from a Corporate Social Responsibility perspective. Measuring and reporting elements of their impact is a good start and may be useful when communicating to stakeholders, but often it’s produced separately from their financial reporting and not used by the rest of the business. By not integrating into the business and its strategic decision making, much of the value of this non-financial data is missed. In addition, few are managing their impact throughout their entire value chain and so most don’t have the full picture.”

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